The hearing aid is situated in a custom fitted shell and placed directly in the ear. Depending on the size and the shape of the ear, it can be visible, nearly invisible or completely invisible.

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 The quiX sits directly in the auditory canal, which makes it virtually invisible when worn. The position in the ear makes quiX ideal for spectacle wearers.

The shape of the housing of the hearing system follows the natural shape of the auditory canal and it ends with the Clic Ball, the secure click connection between quiX and Dome, Click Sleeve or quiX Mould. The hearing systems operate fully automatically and, as such, are easy to use.


QUIX G5 (Invisible)

The quiX G5 is not only equipped with the G5 technology, but is also smaller than its predecessor. With their combination of standard shell and selectable earmolds, quiX hearing systems are ready to use in no time. The technical features of Tech Level 16 let you experience the highest possible hearing comfort.