If you have hearing loss in both ears, then you need 2 hearing aids. Hearing binaurally helps you understand speech, especially in noisy environments. It also makes sound localization easier.

The maintenance of the hearing aids is very easy. You just need to keep them clean and dry. Our hearing care professional will explain everything upon fitting. We also provide 24/7 hotline support free of charge in case you need anything else.

The lifetime of hearing aids depends on proper maintenance and technological advancements.

All hearing aids come with a 2 year international warranty.

Custom made “earmould” or “shell” is the “acrylic” or “silicone made” part of the hearing aids that sits into the ear canal depending upon the shape and texture of your ear.

We provide full technical support.

Of course you can. We accept returns within 30 days from the date of the invoice (check return policy/terms and conditions/privacy policy) We will issue a full refund.

Many hearing aid customers are surprised by the extremely high prices of most hearing aids. This high cost is due to the Advanced Digital Technology, Research Costs and the Custom-Built Design.

The extra charges that may be charged are € 20 for the extra adjustments you may need (e.g. in case of further hearing loss).

By keeping our operating costs low, we can offer you our products at extremely low prices with quality, prompt service and support.

Yes. We sell products within Cyprus. We don’t sell internationally.

If you already have an Audiogram, our professionals will happily program the hearing aids to that Audiogram. If not then we can do a full diagnostic test.

You need to consult an ENT doctor only if you have fluid, pain or inflammation inside ear.

You can change your hearing aids within your 30 day return period. If you decide that you would like to try a different model, please contact us for guidance. If you choose a more expensive hearing aid we will charge you the difference, if you choose cheaper, we will refund the difference.

Our hearing care professional will deliver and fit your hearing aids personally. He will also give you all the information needed about their maintenance and operation.

Your hearing aids will be programmed by our hearing care professional.

The hearing aids are manufactured in Germany. German hearing aids are considered the most reliable hearing aids on the market in Europe and USA.

For any technical or other support, you can contact us by phone: 700 87 020 or by e-mail: info@hearingaidco.com

Many hearing aids sold online do not come with professional support. Unlike other online stores selling hearing aids, we strongly believe that professional and personal support is essential for a good and quality hearing. Hearaidco.com is 100% safe.

If you do not know which hearing aid matches your loss and needs, our specialist will recommend the best solution depending on the type and degree of your hearing loss, lifestyle and financial capabilities.