Our success and company history.

Why Hearing Aid Co.

About Us

The Hearing Aid Co. team comprised of hardworking and passionate hearing professionals. In light of the potential financial difficulties one may encounter in getting a hearing aid, we decided to design an online hearing aid clinic providing high quality services and products, at the lowest prices.

Our main aim is to offer everyone the opportunity to obtain the best possible hearing, whether they have a mild, a severe or a profound hearing loss. Everybody deserves to own high-tech hearing aids. But not everybody can afford to pay up to €3,000 for a hearing aid at a local hearing aid shop.

Hearing Aid Co. brings the same hearing aids to the market at very low prices. How can we offer such low prices!?!….by eliminating the running expenses of having physical shops.

Hearing Aid Co. is an online hearing aid shop with no physical location. At the same time our hearing care professionals can provide physical support anywhere on the island.

Our Hearing Aids 

  • ITE market leader in Germany
  • Latest & advanced technology
  • Low prices & high quality
  • Easy to choose, easy to use
  • All types & styles
    -Rechargeable -Wireless
    -Invisible -Bluetooth

Our Services

  • Direct access by our certified audiology team
  • Fully equipped laboratory for technical support
  • Prompt & professional after-sales’ service
  • Ranked no. 1 in total customer satisfaction
  • Home visits (Cyprus only)
1977 First opened their doors
45 Countries they serve
1st ITE market leader in Germany position
2 Product Awards

We’re very proud to be ranked No. 1 in total customer satisfaction

For more than 40 years, Audio Service has developed, manufactured, and distributed hearing aids. A German based company, Audio Service was the first to offer small and cosmetically appealing In-the-Ear (ITE) products to the German market.
In keeping with their motto “The customer is the brand”, Audio Service offers innovative hearing solutions and tailor-made products, combined with first class service and customer orientation. It has historically maintained a strong expertise in ITE products but also offers all styles of hearing aids. The brand is built on a particularly strong partnership with hearing care professionals. This ensures hassle-free day-to-day-business with a focus on individual services and solutions, and a strong base in major European markets.

Our Philosophy


We do not have a physical location that you can visit. This is the main reason why our hearing devices are so reasonably priced. We do everything traditional hearing aid centers do, from hearing tests to consultation and programming. The only difference is that our services are provided at YOUR place and at your convenience! We are only a phone call or an email away.


We are committed to providing the best results in the shortest time frame possible, being there for you when you need us. We have created a unique model of hearing health in Cyprus and we aim for a long-lasting relationship with our clients. We are honest, passionate and enthusiastic in what we do and we are continuously improving and innovating our model of services.


Hearing Aid Co. is the first and the only online hearing aid company in Cyprus. We buy directly from one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers in Germany, we offer the best devices of the latest technology and beautiful design.


Whether you or someone you know have hearing loss or any other question about hearing, call us on 700 87 020 for information & support.